This Week Only: Big 4K TV Sale On Amazon Gives Huge Discounts Before Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday, but if you’re not interested in football, there are still some great deals on 4K TVs. And instead of the big day of football, you can jump on the discounts in preparation for the PS5 and Xbox Series X. LG, Samsung, and Sony are all discounting several models of their 4K TVs on Amazon, and while there’s no set date for when these deals end, we expect them to end by the time February 2 rolls around.

A handful of LG’s NanoCell and OLED TVs are on sale, as are Samsung’s various QLED TVs. Sony has four of its 4K TVs discounted, all of which feature HDR support. Thankfully, these TVs will also do you well for gaming, in addition to any Super Bowl shenanigans you need to get up to.

4K TV deals

LG NanoCell 4K TVs

Get six months of Disney Plus with purchase

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LG’s line of NanoCell 4K TVs take advantage of the company’s NanoCell technology, which produces vibrant colors and contrast. LG’s currently discounting its Nano 8 and 9 series, both of which feature Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant built into its televisions.

LG OLED C9 Series 4K TV | $4,997 ($6,000)

Get 12 months of Disney Plus with purchase

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OLED displays are by far the most beautiful, featuring the best colors and black levels. This particular LG OLED 4K TV also comes with G-Sync compatibility, which is great for PC Gaming. G-Sync is Nvidia’s own version of Vsync, which eliminates screen tearing when the frame rate of a game doesn’t match the display’s refresh rate. However, it doesn’t come with the performance hit VSync usually does.

Samsung QLED 4K TVs

Save up to $2000

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Like NanoCell, Samsung’s QLED technology provides vibrant colors and impressive contrast. The company is discounting its Q60 and Q70 series of 4K TVs. In addition to the great image quality, it also comes with HDR support and quite a few smart features, including smart speaker compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sony LED 4K TVs

Save up to $500

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Sony’s 4K TVs feature HDR support and the company’s own Motion Flow XR technology, which eliminates motion blur. This works particularly well for sports and other fast-moving action, though it can add latency, so it’s not suitable for gaming. Sony’s discounting its XBR and X950G series of 4K TVs. The XBR series is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, while the X950G series has Google Assistant built-in–the latter is also compatible with Alexa.