Premier scores $8 million HHS contract for maternal health data initiative

Premier has entered into a two-year, $8 million contract with HHS focused on using its hospital database to address maternal morbidity and mortality.

The federal government currently relies on states to voluntarily send copies of death certificates in order to track and understand maternal mortality, but the integrity of the data has been scrutinized over the years. Premier’s database represents 45% of U.S. hospital discharges and involves maternal and infant health outcome measures. The contract with Premier will allow HHS to leverage that data and analyze risk factors contributing to maternal morbidity and mortality such as racial disparities and socioeconomic factors.

“We are honored to partner with HHS, which selected Premier for our gold-standard healthcare data, unmatched measurement and analytics capabilities, and proven track record of quality improvement. We look forward to working alongside HHS to make America the safest place in the world to give birth,” said Susan DeVore, CEO of Premier, in a press release.

The contract also involves Premier adding at least 200 hospitals to its Perinatal Collaborative, which involves hospitals working together on evidence-based solutions that improve maternal health. Premier launched its perinatal collaborative last July with 11 hospitals.


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