A Space Jam Game Is Coming To Xbox, And Fans Are Designing It

A new Space Jam game will be coming to Xbox Game Pass in 2021, though there’s two things you should know. Firstly, the game will be based on the upcoming sequel Space Jam: A New Legacy with LeBron James, and secondly it’s going to at least partially designed by fans.

Microsoft has announced the game, and its associated competition, in collaboration with next year’s Space Jam sequel. It says the game will be an “arcade-style” video game, with games based on two of the competition’s winning ideas to be brought to life.

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The competition gives entrants a number of pre-made concept screens based on combinations of genres like action, adventure, sim, strategy, shooter, and more, then asks for an in-depth description of how the game would play. It’s not clear whether the winning games will make up the entirety of the final Space Jam game, or if they’ll just be a few options among a selection of other mini-games.

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Source: gamespot.com

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