Exclusive: Avasarala gasps for air and waits for the cavalry in ‘The Expanse #3’

Even though we’re all agonizing over last week’s bittersweet season 5 finale for “The Expanse” and we begin the long wait for “Leviathan Falls,” the ninth and last book in James S.A. Corey’s bestselling sci-fi series this fall, there’s still time for one last hurrah with the third issue of Boom! Studios’ tie-in comic book miniseries

Written by Corinna Bechko (“Green Lantern: Earth One”) and juiced with arresting illustrations from Alejandro Aragon (“Resonant”) and colors courtesy of Francesco Segala (“Firefly”), Boom!’s four-part companion title fills in the details erupting between “The Expanse” season 4 and season 5, which are both currently ready to watch on Amazon Prime in their entirety.  

The Expanse #3” blasts into comic shops comic shops Feb. 17 with Chrisjen Avasarala running out of oxygen and Bobbie Draper regretting not being there for her sooner.

“Bobbie has fallen for the same bait that has taken down so many before her, but have her enemies trapped her … or are they trapped with her? Meanwhile, Avasarala has been left for dead… and her last hope is a distress call traveling across the stars quickly enough.”

This intense second-to-last chapter features main cover art by W. Scott Forbes (“Firefly”), as well as variant cover art by Tigh Walker (“Venom: Annual”) and Priscilla Petraites (“Rat Queens”) with colors from Marco Lesko (“Robotech”).

“The penultimate issue is always such an important point in the story, and with The Expanse #3 the art and colors have really hit a high point,” Bechko tells Space.com. “That’s good, because Bobbie and Chrisjen have hit their lowest points, surrounded by danger and taking big chances. I absolutely love writing these characters because those are exactly the circumstances in which they shine.”

Now hold your breath and check out our 5-page preview of Boom! Studios’ “The Expanse #3.”

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