Next Up Podcast: Educating patients on the COVID-19 vaccine With Dr. Joseph Cacchione

For over a year now, the coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the nation and the world. But on Dec.14, the first COVID-19 vaccination was given to a nurse in Long Island. This, however, does not mean the pandemic is over. Scientists estimate that a vaccination rate of 70% is needed for herd immunity from COVID-19.

Many remain reluctant and uncertain about the vaccine. Some are concerned about long-term data on the effects of the vaccine. There are concerns coming from social media and anti-vaccination groups because it’s so new. Other hesitancies stem from religious objections, or a long, documented history of racist experimentation in medical care and research. This has made groups like Black and Hispanic Americans wary of the vaccine.

In this episode, we are talking to Dr. Joseph Cacchione, executive vice president of clinical and network services for Ascension. He’s also a distinguished cardiologist and has a national reputation for physician alignment, innovative strategy, and improving patient care and engagement. Before Ascension, Dr. Cacchione served at the Cleveland Clinic, where he was the executive vice president of St. Vincent Health System.

For a transcript of this podcast, read here.


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