California will be able to set its own tailpipe standards again

Morning commuter traffic backs up on Interstate 80 westbound in Berkeley, Calif. Tuesday, April 6, 2021.  | Jessica Christian/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

California is on track to regain its power to set tougher vehicle emissions standards than the rest of the US. The Environmental Protection Agency announced today that it’s reconsidering a Donald Trump-era edict that sought to strip California of that ability. The EPA plans to rescind the Trump decision altogether after a public comment period ends on July 6th, the Los Angeles Times reports. Last week, the Department of Transportation moved to repeal a related Trump-era rule that barred individual states from setting their own tailpipe standards.

California has been able to set its own tailpipe standards since it was granted a waiver under the 1970 Clean Air Act. At the time, the…

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