The Criterion Collection’s first run of 4K Blu-rays includes Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane
Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

The Criterion Collection has announced plans to release a six-film slate of classics on 4K Blu-rays for the first time, including a rerelease of Orson Welles’ American epic Citizen Kane.

Besides the perennial film buff favorite, Criterion is also releasing the following films as part of its initial collection of ua high-definition Blu-rays:

  • Menace II Society directed by Allen and Albert Hughes
  • The Piano directed by Jane Campion
  • Mulholland Dr. directed by David Lynch
  • The Red Shoes directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger
  • A Hard Day’s Night directed by Richard Lester

Criterion writes that each release will include the film in 4K UHD along with a traditional 1080p Blu-ray print. Special features, arguably one of the…

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