This kids’ 12-in-1 Aerospace Building Kit is a sizable 27% off

It’s World Space Week this week, which means now is the perfect time to look for cool space toys, especially ones that come with a big discount. 

Amazon is offering a fantastic 27% off a 12-in-1 Aerospace Building Kit that comes with 566 pieces and is perfect for any young space fan or any child wanting to be entertained. The set is 12-in-1 because 12 different models can be built from the pieces provided and eventually combined to make one larger (8-inch or 20 centimeters) space shuttle. 

The original asking price for the Aerospace Building Kit was $27.99 but has been knocked down to just $20.39. You’ll have to act quickly if you want to grab this deal as we’re not sure how long it will last.

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STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) kits are a great way to keep children entertained whilst educating them. The 12-in-1 Aerospace Building Kit fits perfectly into that as it gets kids building and learning (and let’s face it, what kid hasn’t wanted to be an astronaut at some point?).

The smaller iterations of this 12-in-1 kit include a range of aircraft, rockets and rovers, among others.

According to Amazon, this set is suitable for anyone between the ages of 6 and 12, with the building blocks made of a non-toxic, high-quality and washable plastic. On top of this, colorful stickers are included to make the objects more vivid to children. 

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