Working to ‘unify and inspire others to achieve their best selves’

What role has mentorship played in your career?

As a millennial, black man and executive, mentorship truly been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. My mentors challenge me to look at the responsibility of my influence and to not only see what I can gain, but what I can give.

What motivates you, and what are your values?

Knowing that my purpose is to unify and inspire others to achieve their best selves and outcomes really motivates me. When I think about my values, I’d have to start with faith. I believe there’s a certain kind of humility that comes from trusting something outside of and bigger than myself.

I’d also have to say discipline. From a young age playing organized sports to how I operate my life today, I’ve experienced the impact discipline can have toward building a strong work ethic, mindset and lifestyle for success and growth.

What was the one moment where you thought, “I’ve made it”?

I have always been cautious not to tell myself that. While I believe I am making progress, there is still more work, learning, collaboration and results needed.

I imagine that defining moment will be when A) I’m leading an organization with a culture that enables all phases of healthcare, both the experience and ecosystem, to be easily accessible to the individuals who need it the most. B) The next generation of leaders is proving that we’re capable, conscious and very much present regardless of background, race, gender or age. C) When I can see joy and inspiration fusing through this world instead of pain, frustration, fear and distrust, and knowing I was a part of that change.

Tell us something that your colleagues would be surprised to know about you.

I don’t typically find myself super interesting, but I think my colleagues would be surprised that as hardworking and driven as I am, I definitely know how to turn it off and just be a friend, #girldad and nerd who is open to exploring new things about myself, life and other cultures. They’d also be surprised that I’ve never skied or snow-boarded, even though I live in the Rocky Mountains. And last, I think they’d be surprised at how much I know about the film/movie industry. I could honestly see myself getting into the movie production industry, long after my healthcare career is over.

Meet the Emerging Leaders Class of 2021.


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