The latest phishing scam to watch out for: fraudulent QR codes on parking meters

Parking Meters On City Street In Reading Pennsylvania
Photo by Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

Police in several US cities are warning residents not to pay for their parking using QR codes stuck to parking meters. That’s because these codes have been placed there by scammers, who are using them to direct people to fraudulent sites that capture their payment details.

Warnings have been issued by law enforcement in Austin and San Antonio over the holiday period (we spotted the story via The Overspill newsletter). Police say they discovered a number of stickers with illicit codes appearing on parking meters, while a report by local news site Click2Houston shows how one of the fraudulent codes directed people to a site promising “quick pay parking.” (The site now appears to be offline.)

Police are advising anyone who inadvertently…

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