73% discount on Astronaut star projectors this Black Friday

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You can now get a whopping 73% off an astronaut star projector (opens in new tab) with this Black Friday deal. So if you’re looking to add an out-of-this-world aesthetic to your life, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for any astronomy enthusiast, this could be what you’re looking for.

The star projector Black Friday deal (opens in new tab) equates to over $20 off and at $7.58 it’s the cheapest we’ve ever seen this little star projector. After we reviewed the astronaut starry sky star projector we thought this really cool space gift would be perfect for any budding scientist or astronomy enthusiast. The projector itself is an astronaut dressed in a space suit with the helmet featuring the ability to spin 360 degrees, allowing an astral aesthetic all over. If you want to check out more great star projectors, you can check out our guide for the best star projectors on the market. 

The holiday season is here, and Black Friday deals are appearing everywhere with retailers hosting widespread sales and star projectors aren’t exempt from that. It’s definitely the time to save big and if a star projector with numerous settings, has the option to put the lights on a timer, and the projector itself is posable appeals to you, now is the time to save. If you want to check out other deals this Black Friday, check out our telescope deals, binoculars deals and camera deals guides. 

Just on the aesthetic alone, it looks like a gift worth giving to any budding scientist or space fan, but digging a little deeper than looks alone, what makes this a worthwhile deal? It features eight different nebula effects with twinkling stars, so it’s great for creating a peaceful atmosphere, and projecting awesome visuals, in any room, you place it in.

On top of the eight nebula effects it offers, it comes with a remote control for you to control the brightness, rotation and pattern settings. The rotation settings are important as the point of projection coming out of the astronaut can rotate 360 degrees, giving a real astral effect to your room. You can also set the projector to a timer of 45 or 90 minutes, which is handy in case you fall asleep under a starry night.

One final cool feature is the astronaut itself is posable – well their arms are – and the moon rock is removable so even when you’re not using it as a star projector, it can still be a cool ornament to look at. Now that it’s 73% off for Black Friday (opens in new tab), it is a great time to grab this item as a cool gift and save some money in the process.

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