Apex Legends Mobile – Aftershow Seasonal Event Guide

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Apex Legends Mobile released its third battle pass of the season earlier this week alongside the launch of its Aftershow update. The mobile game’s second season won’t officially come to an end until October 18, based on the countdown timer located on the battle pass page. This new update functions as a “filler season” of sorts, with a shortened battle pass and no new legend joining the squad this time around.

But despite its bite-sized battle pass, the Aftershow update is still jam-packed with content, including a multitude of events that reward players with cosmetic items and in-game currency they can then use to unlock even more cosmetics via the Hyperbeat Seasonal Store. Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of everything we know about Aftershow’s scheduled seasonal events.

Sniper Showcase

The Sniper Showcase Event is currently active, and consists of seven challenges, each of which rewards the player with a different prize. From Hyperbeat Coins and Flux to weapon charms and cosmetic skins, this event has it all, so take advantage of the free loot while you can.

The Sniper Showcase event ends on October 11.

The Saltwater Longbow weapon skin is one of seven prizes available through the Sniper Showcase event.

Take Back

If you haven’t yet unlocked the game’s first-ever mobile-exclusive legend, Fade, now’s your chance. The Take Back event provides players with the rare opportunity to unlock the phasing punisher free of charge by completing special missions.The Take Back event runs from October 8 – 18.

Battle Pass Boost

Despite the relatively short length of the Aftershow battle pass, some players may struggle to finish it before the battle pass expires. Thankfully, Respawn has created an event to help players who may be short on time complete their battle passes. Once it goes live, the Battle Pass Boost event will present players with special challenges they can complete to earn XP boosts and speed up their battle pass progress.The Battle Pass Boost event runs from October 8 – 10, and again from October 15 – 17.

28 Day Challenge

Just like the first half of Season 2, the second half of the season launched an enormous, 28-day login bonus event called the 28 Day Challenge. Each day, players can log in to receive a new reward, and those who complete the event will rack up a total of:

  • 14,600 Hyperbeat Coins
  • 20 Pack Pieces (equivalent to 2 Syndicate Packs)
  • 3 Mission Cards
  • 1,000 Flux
  • 2 Syndicate Packs
  • Anticipation Crypto banner pose (Rare)
  • Topaz Mirror Mastiff weapon skin (Rare)
  • Zircon user avatar frame (Epic)
  • Diamond Shot R-99 weapon skin (Epic)

Login reward events are a common occurrence that can earn players loads of loot.

Logging in for 28 days straight does require some dedication, but don’t worry too much if you miss a day–you can use up to five Retro Check-ins to keep your streak if you miss a day. You can even choose to set a reminder so you don’t forget to log in.

The 28 Day Challenge event runs until October 18.

7 Day Login Streak

The 7 day Login Streak event is an event that gifts players with special rewards for logging in for a week straight. Among these rewards is an Epic-tier Loba skin that players who complete the event will receive once Aftershow concludes.

The 7 Day Login Streak Event runs from October 14 – 21.

Rising Through The Ranks

Though it originally began while the Hyperbeat battle pass is live, this event won’t expire until the end of the season. Rising Through The Ranks provides players with mobile-exclusive cosmetic items each time they rank up to a new tier. For more details on this event, check out our Rising Through The Ranks event guide.

Rising Through The Ranks has a special reward for each tier of the ranking system, starting with Silver V.

Rising Through The Ranks will be live until October 18.

Pro Mode schedule

Pro Mode is a two-day event that occurs repeatedly throughout the season. Each week, a new Pro Mode challenge appears for 48 hours. Each week’s challenge is tied to a specific mode, and completing each weekly challenge rewards players with Hyperbeat Coins, a Seasonal Currency used to redeem mobile-exclusive cosmetics from the Hyperbeat Store.

Currently there is only one Pro Mode event on the schedule, but it’s possible more will appear in the future, as they did during the previous battle pass. The current Pro Mode event runs from October 11 – 12, and must be played in Hack Mode.

  • October 11 – 12: Hack Mode

Ranked Protection Event Schedule

Ranked Protection is a recurring event that gives players the ability to make up for “fluke” matches in Ranked Mode. During each day of the event, players will receive a Ranked Level Protector just for logging in Ranked Level Protectors automatically prevent the loss of Ranked Points if losing those points would result in a rank demotion.

Additionally, players can earn a Ranked Point Protector by playing two ranked matches each day. Ranked Point Protectors, which automatically prevent you from losing any Ranked Points, even if a match goes terribly wrong.

Ranked Level and Point Protectors are valuable tools for hardcore fans of Ranked Mode.

Both Ranked Point Protectors and Ranked Level Protectors expire seven days after they are obtained. Any unused Ranked Protectors will also expire at the end of the season.

The Ranked Protection even runs from October 8 – 10, and again from October 15 – 17.

Upcoming Events

Here is a list of upcoming events that we do not yet have details for:

  • Stage Break: October 10 – 18

The game’s developers stated in the Aftershow patch notes that additional events may pop up over the course of the season, so be sure to check back for more updates as the season progresses.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

Source: gamespot.com

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