Call Of Duty: Warzone And Vanguard Season 2 Battle Pass Details Revealed

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A massive content drop is arriving to Vanguard and Warzone with the launch of Call of Duty Season 2 on February 14. This new season will be themed around armored war machines and Captain Butcher’s newly introduced Task Force Yeti, and Activision has already revealed what players can expect from this new season’s battle pass.

Season 2 will bring a new 100-tier battle pass to level up, which offers both free and premium tiers of content. There will be over 30 free tiers in the pass, which is loaded with all the normal cosmetics like watches and weapon blueprints. However, the real meat of the free content comes with Season 2’s additions of a killstreak, more perks, and two new weapons.

Unlocked at tier 1, the Ball Turret Gunner, which was a killstreak previously featured in Call of Duty: WWII, is an ability that can be earned after achieving a 12 killstreak. At tier 15 of the pass, players can unlock the KG M40 assault rifle, which is described as a high-caliber, fully-automatic weapon that is a strong contender for mid- to long-range gunfights. And at tier 31, the Whitley light machine gun is unlocked. Activision describes this new light machine gun as having a slow fire rate with low recoil.

Additionally, the two new perks are called Armory and Mechanic. Unlocked at tier 21, Mechanic is a perk meant to provide a buff to the Field Upgrade charge time, making it useful for players who love to use Field Upgrades. The Armory perk is unlocked at tier 44, and it will serve as a direct counter to the Engineer perk. This is described as an ideal perk for players who use more equipment, such as Demolition Charges, concussion mines, and placeable Field Equipment pieces.

For players looking for even more rewards, the premium battle pass can be purchased for 1,000 CoD Points or $10, which includes additional cosmetic items, weapon blueprints, and the new operator Anna Drake. A member of Task Force Yeti, Anna’s first skin can be instantly unlocked at tier 0. She also has a legendary rarity “White Mirage” skin that’s rewarded at tier 100. The operator Constanze also gets a new “Black Leaf” skin that outfits her in a black leather jacket.

Outside of the battle pass content, there is also an Armored Titan operator skin coming as another Attack on Titan crossover bundle. Season 2 is set to bring tanks and a plenty of Zombies content to Vanguard, while Warzone is getting bomber planes, NPCs, and toxic gas.

Call of Duty’s publisher is in the process of being acquired by Microsoft, pending regulatory approval, but the deal isn’t expected to go through until later this year at the soonest. Microsoft’s president recently said that the company wants to bring Call of Duty to Nintendo, assuming the acquisition goes through.


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