Destiny 2 Haunted Sectors Guide: How To Access And Complete Festival Of The Lost Activity

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There’s something strange happening in Destiny 2’s lost sectors, so who are you going to call? Your nearest Guardian of course. 2022’s Festival of the Lost takes you back to the Haunted Lost Sectors that are inhabited by spooky Overseers.

The big changes this year is the inclusion of a new Haunted Lost Sector in the EDZ and an Event Card that’s similar to the one that was introduced in Solstice. Completing the challenges within this book is worthwhile as you can earn some fantastic rewards, plus you’ll unlock the Ghost Writer title. That also puts you another step closer to earning the Reveler title, which requires participation in all four of Destiny 2’s major events.

Here’s how you can get started in this year’s Festival of the Lost and bank some ludicrous amounts of candy in the process.

Visit Eva Levante In The Tower

Eva will reward your Halloween havoc with candy, weapons, and shaders.

The friendliest face in Destiny is back to help start the Festival of the Lost celebrations, and she’ll give you a mask on the house, your first quest, and bounties that will help you earn some candy.

Complete Activities And Collect Candy While Wearing A Mask

There are many other masks to collect.

Now it’s time to hit the solar system and grab some candy. As long as you’re wearing the mask you’ll earn sweet treats from defeated enemies, and any that you miss will automatically be sent to the Postmaster. Masks and rewards can be purchased using Candy, which can be earned by defeating enemies and completing activities during Festival of the Lost while a mask is equipped.

Festival of the Lost Event Card

Festival of the Lost 2022 Event Card

The latest Event Card has 17 challenges, all of which can be accomplished with some regular grinding over the next three weeks. There are plenty of resources to earn here, as well as Event Tickets for the premium tier of the Event Card and the new sniper rifle Mechabre.


Use a Manifested Page to restore a chapter in Tales of the Forgotten: Volume 2.

Bookworm I

Use Manifested Pages (x9) to unlock chapters in Tales of the Forgotten: Volume 2.

  • Festival of the Lost T-shirt code
  • Event Ticket

Bookworm II

Use Manifested Pages (x18) to unlock chapters in Tales of the Forgotten: Volume 2.

  • Pulp Texture shader
  • Enhancement Core x 2
  • Event Ticket

Bookworm III

Use Manifested Pages (x27) to unlock chapters in Tales of the Forgotten: Volume 2.

  • Coffin Nail Exotic ship
  • Enhancement Prism
  • Event Ticket

Heads Will Roll

Defeat Headless Ones in Haunted Sectors

  • 5 x Spectral Pages
  • 25 x Legendary Shards
  • Event Ticket

Local Haunts

Complete Activities in the Haunted Sector playlist (Moon, Nessus, Europa, and EDZ).

  • Bread mask
  • 15,000 Glimmer
  • Event Ticket

Candy Corner

Earn Candy from activities

  • Telesto Mask
  • Enhancement Prism
  • Event Ticket

Mystery Meet

Purchase Epic Mystery Grab Bags from Eva.

  • 1,300 Candy
  • 25 x Legendary Shards
  • Event Ticket


Defeat enemies with sniper rifles

  • Mechabre sniper rifle
  • Upgrade Module
  • Event Ticket

Automatic Transmission

Defeat enemies with auto rifles

  • Braytech Werewolf
  • Upgrade Module
  • Event Ticket

Third Shot’s the Charm

Defeat enemies with pulse rifles

  • Jurassic Green pulse rifle
  • Upgrade Module
  • Event Ticket

Shocking Conclusion

Defeat enemies with Arc energy.

  • Caiatl mask
  • Enhancement Core
  • Event Ticket

Occult Ritual

Complete ritual activities, including Strikes, Crucible matches, and Gambit matches.

  • Riven mask
  • Enhancement core
  • Event Ticket

Strike the Deck

Complete Vanguard Ops or Ketchcrash activities.

  • 3 x Raid Banners
  • 10,000 Glimmer
  • Event Ticket

Masked Bandit

Complete Crucible or Gambit matches while wearing a Festival mask.

  • 25 x Legendary Shards
  • 25,0000 Glimmer
  • Event Ticket

Happy Haunting Ground

Complete activities in the Haunted Sector playlist.

  • Savathun mask
  • Enhancement core
  • Event Ticket

Ghost writer

Complete event challenges during Festival of the Lost. Progress resets at the end of the event.

  • Ascendant Shard
  • Ascendant Alloy

Select The Haunted Sectors Playlist From The Tower

Just like last year, go to The Tower on the game director menu and you’ll spot the Haunted Sectors Playlist at the top. Select it, and prepare for a fight alongside the rest of your fireteam. There’ll be modifiers active as well, such as Iron that gives enemies more health and Heavyweight which prevents them from being staggered by your attacks, so plan accordingly.

Slay Headless Ones

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You’ll have five minutes to slay 10 Headless Ones, ghoulish monsters with jack-o-lantern heads who can soak up plenty of damage. You’ll also have to do this while contending with enemy forces, but the main goal here will be to keep an eye open for summoning circles:

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Stand in one, which looks like a green circle filled with candles, and you’ll call forth a Headless One. Defeat it, find the next summoning circle, and once ten of the monsters have been vanquished, the Haunted Sector boss will arrive.

How To Defeat The Haunted Sector Overseer

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After you’ve dealt some damage to it, the sector boss will be enveloped in a force field that renders it impervious to harm. To break the shield, find a summoning circle and grab the pumpkin bomb that will spawn there. You’ll also summon another Headless One in the process, increasing the danger of this boss fight with the tough minions.

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Take the pumpkin and toss it at the Overseer to break its shield, and pour on the punishment. Repeat this process whenever its shield is restored, and you’ll emerge victorious.

Collect your loot, and then head back to The Tower to talk to Eva.

Add Your Manifested Pages Into The Book Of The Forgotten

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To unlock more pages in the Book of the Forgotten, you’re going to need Manifested Pages to unlock chapters.

How to get Spectral Pages

Manifested Pages are created from Spectral Pages, which are earned by taking part in activities while wearing a Festival mask. Public Events, Crucible, and Nightmare Containment will reward you with these spooky pages, so long as you have one of the many masks available during the event equipped on your Guardian.

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With that introduction to this year’s Festival of the Lost complete, you can now focus on grinding through the Haunted Lost Sectors for candy that can be used to buy masks, an Exotic Sparrow, a shader, and weapons from previous festival events such as Horror Story and Braytech Wolf Auto.


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