Eargo’s new hearing aids can automatically adjust to your environment


The Eargo 6 automatically adjust to a user’s environment. | Image: Eargo

While a lot of health tech shown at CES is doomed to become vaporware, there’s reason to believe that 2022 is going to be a big year for hearables. Case in point: Eargo, a CES regular since 2015, is announcing the Eargo 6. The buds are the sixth iteration of the company’s smart hearing aids and feature nifty new tech that automatically adjusts sound levels on the go.

Hearing aids work by converting sound picked up by a microphone into a digital signal that’s then amplified. They can also amplify certain sounds, like your voice, while also dampening background noise. Eargo’s are registered as an FDA Class II exempt device, meaning they are a medium-risk device with specialized controls.

Given that this is Eargo’s sixth version of its…

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