Facebook update finally lets you create your own feeds on iOS and Android

Meta has announced an update to its Facebook app on iOS and Android, where a feeds tab will appear at the top of the app, allowing you to filter the feed for your friends, your Pages, or anything else.

As confirmed in a post by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, you can also add certain friends and pages to a new 'Favorites' list, allowing you to cut back from the memes and other bits of content you find yourself scrolling through subconsciously.

Whether you're on iOS or Android, you'll see this tab at the top or the bottom of the app where you can create these lists. There's also a 'Home' list in this tab, which shows you an overview of the latest posts when you launch the app.

This looks as though it's another concerted effort to give users on Facebook more control over what they see on the social platform, and it's further proof of Meta doubling down on helping users view what they want.

Analysis: Giving you more control over what you see

(Image credit: Meta)

Customization in Facebook's app has been something that's been difficult to do. For too long, Meta has believed that users should trust its algorithm to curate the content it thinks you would like to see.

Recently, there have been ways to view your feed with the latest posts, or top posts, but that's all you've been able to do. With these new tabs, it's encouraging to see that there's more power being given to users to essentially create their own feeds, but Meta has made it clear that there will be ads in these regardless.

But after so long of users wanting these features, it may be a small price to pay to catch up with your friends in an easier-to-read feed.

Source: techradar.com

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