Get a bundle of hit Capcom PC games for just $20 from Humble

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Street Fighter V is one of eleven games included in the Humble Bundle. | Image: Capcom

If you’re hyped up today for gaming news, there’s a very special deal running now that you should check out. Humble has a new bundle collecting a whole slew of big Capcom hits from the last bunch of years, including some remastered PS2-era classics. Some notable ones include Street Fighter V, Devil May Cry 5, and Monster Hunter: World. As is often the case with a Humble Bundle, proceeds go to charities, the developers, and Humble itself. This one has contributions going towards the ACLU and The Trevor Project.

As for the bundle itself, you can get in on the full package of 11 titles for $20 (or more, if you are in the charitable mood). At full price, these Capcom games are valued at $224 — so you’re getting a huge discount of over 90…

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