Instagram update turns it into an even better holiday planner

If you’re looking for a new place to grab a bite to eat or get your hair done then forget turning to Google Maps – it’s time to open up Instagram.

The photo and short-form-video-focused social media platform just got a new update for its maps feature that makes it even easier to find popular spots, whether they’re nearby or in a potential holiday destination.

To open the app’s updated map you can either use Explore to search for specific services or to search in a specific area, or you can tap on a location tag on a post or a story to find other nearby destinations.

Once on the map, you can move around to find spots and view Instagram content that’s been tagged there, or, if you’re after something specific, you can use filters to find bars, hotels or salons, among other things.

The map update should already be rolling out to Instagram users on Android and iPhone, so you probably have it downloaded, but to be sure we’d recommend heading to the Google Play Store or App Store to check if your app has an update waiting to install.

Analysis: Instagram is your new holiday planner

With Instagram’s focus on aesthetics, it can be a great way to search for holiday destinations – and with this new update to maps we can see it becoming an even better option, as it will let you find popular and hidden-gem cafes and restaurants to help make your trip feel that little bit more special.

And it’s not just holidays – these apps are becoming the perfect tools for all sorts of major events. If you need more evidence, check out our Software Editor Daryl Baxter’s article on how TikTok helped him plan his wedding.

Will you travel using Instagram or Google Maps? (Image credit: Shutterstock / Kite_rin)

We’re not the only ones starting to look beyond more traditional reviews and searches. As noted by Google’s Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan during Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech 2022 event, more and more people are turning to lifestyle apps to find what they're looking for (via TechCrunch).

Raghavan revealed that, according to Google’s internal studies, “almost 40% of young people” (those between 18 and 24, in the US) don’t turn to Google Search or Maps, they go to TikTok and Instagram.

Given this trend, it's no surprise that Instagram would want to capitalize on this interest and improve features like maps. We’ll have to wait and see what updates it rolls out next, but don’t be surprised if discoverability continues to get plenty of love.

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