Letter: Transformation Summit speaker clarifies her point

It was a real honor to participate in the Modern Healthcare Transformation Summit as your keynote speaker. You had an excellent lineup of industry leaders, committed to impacting care for the better, and it was gratifying to exchange thoughts on how to accelerate enduring change.

In reading the June 7, 2022 print and online story reporting on the event, I noticed that some of my remarks may have inadvertently been taken out of context. For example, in response to a question at the end of my talk, I shared with the audience that I believe healthcare organizations like health systems have a huge advantage in that they have spent decades investing in building trust with their patients and their communities. Trust between clinicians, physicians, nurses, and pharmacists, on the one hand, and patients, consumers, and members, on the other, is paramount to transforming healthcare.

The story reported that I said “patients generally trust [health systems],” which I did not say. Many do; others don’t; but my point was not whether they do or don’t, but that healthcare incumbents like health systems should not obsess about what new entrants may do to “disrupt” them. Rather, they should leverage their prime position and experience — and partner with others like technology companies — to extend and deepen their understanding of, support for, and trust with patients and consumers in order to better serve them and their communities into the future.

Similarly, I appreciate your correcting a direct quote in your online version, and I respectfully request you publish the same correction in your print version.

Thank you for the critically important role you play as a leading publication in the healthcare industry. I have always appreciated the leadership, relationship, and support Modern Healthcare has afforded me and to so many others.

Phoebe Yang

General Manager, Amazon Web Services, Healthcare

Source: modernhealthcare.com

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