Netflix is acquiring cozy game developer Spry Fox

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A screenshot from Cozy Grove. | Image: Spry Fox

Netflix is acquiring Spry Fox, the indie developer of “cozy” games like Cozy Grove and Alphabear, Netflix announced on Monday. The acquisition means that Spry Fox will become Netflix’s sixth in-house gaming studio.

For Spry Fox, the acquisition won’t mean any changes for now. The studio’s current games will remain available for download “in their current forms on their current platforms,” co-founder and CEO David Edery said in a post on Spry Fox’s blog, and the studio is already working on making Cozy Grove 2 and “a larger, non-violent MMO.” Thanks to the acquisition, “we can stop stressing about how our games generate profit on our games and instead focus exclusively on making them as enjoyable and fulfilling to our players as…

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