Netflix’s Triviaverse is a speedy new trivia game you can play with a friend

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These glowing eyes will be your host. | Image: Netflix

Netflix’s Triviaverse is a new a “quick-hit trivia experience” that will begin rolling out on the streaming service on Tuesday. Games are fast, typically under five minutes, and you can play by yourself or head-to-head with another person. I got to check it out ahead of Tuesday’s announcement, and I think a lot of people will be loading it up for fierce trivia competitions with loved ones over the holidays.

Here’s how it works. Guided by your host, a mysterious pair of spooky glowing eyes, you’ll pick if you’re playing solo or against someone else. Each round features an increasingly difficult series of trivia questions, and you’ll have a minute to correctly answer as many as you can. You’ll be tasked with solving trivia across a bunch…

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