Titan Comics transforms David Bowie’s ‘The Man Who Fell To Earth’ into a new graphic novel

The Man Who Fell To Earth” is legendary British director Nicolas Roeg’s classic 1976 alien encounter film starring rock megastar David Bowie, and to this day it stands as a milestone achievement in sci-fi filmmaking. 

With its fascinating portrayal of a gentle extraterrestrial visiting Earth to retrieve water for his perishing planet, it’s a scathing indictment of the evils of rampant materialism, corporate avarice and the meteoric rise of mass media. 

To honor this provocative cult masterpiece, London-based Titan Comics is releasing “The Man Who Fell To Earth” as a new official graphic novel fully approved by StudioCanal and arriving in the fall of 2022. The deluxe 128-page hardback edition will be written by Dan Watters (“Cowboy Bebop,” “Lucifer,” “Wolfenstein”) with artwork courtesy of Dev Pramanik (“Dune: House Atreides,” “Firefly”).

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The plotline centers around the mercy mission of a man named Thomas Jerome Newton (portrayed in the film version by the mercurial Mr. Bowie) who drops in on Earth to find water to save his homeworld from suffering and extinction. By employing his shocking knowledge of advanced technology, Newton and his company develop and market a multitude of hi-tech inventions and scientific products that soon make him one of the richest persons on the planet. 

With his billions in profit, Newton attempts to discover a method by which to safely transport water back to his thirsty planet. However, while his money and celebrity grow exponentially, Newton immediately becomes the focus of a determined U.S. Government investigation that threatens to undermine his entire noble quest.

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“‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ is a masterpiece of a film with an awful lot to say; about men, about the Earth, and lots of things in between,” Dan Watters said in a Titan statement. 

“There are ideas in the film, about climate crises and corporate greed, that are more relevant now than they were when Nicolas Roeg set out to make it. And now here we are. I think it’s high time to look at the world through Thomas Newton’s mismatched eyes all over again. Perhaps he’ll see something we’ve been missing.”

Titan Comics’ “The Man Who Fell To Earth” lands in comic shops and bookstores on Oct. 25, 2022. You can also watch the original movie on Amazon Prime Video.

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