True Detective’s fourth season is going to the Arctic with Jodie Foster as the lead

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Jodie Foster at the 74th Annual Cannes Film Festival. | Toni Anne Barson/FilmMagic

Though Jodie Foster has built a name for herself leading thrillers on the silver screen, her next big project’s going to be something a bit different. Deadline reports that Foster has signed on to True Detective’s fourth season to portray Liz Danvers, a detective tasked with investigating the mysterious disappearances of six people from a research station in Ennis, Alaska. While Danvers is up for the task of figuring out where went wrong near the Tsalal Arctic Research Station, she and her partner arrive in Ennis just as the region’s long winter night and its all-encompassing darkness begin to set in.

In addition to starring as Danvers, Foster will also executive produce this chapter of True Detective alongside Barry Jenkins, and the…

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