Watch the skies indoors with incredible Amazon Prime Day star projector deals

Go stargazing on rainy days for up to 70% less with several Amazon Prime Day deals on the best star projectors.

You can save incredible amounts on these glittering devices, which will project the sky or beautiful lights on to your ceiling to showcase the wonders of space for your guests or kids.

The top deal in this set is the BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0, on sale at Amazon (opens in new tab) for a stunning 71% less. With a Prime price of $19.99, one of our best star projectors provides a colorful light show of blues, reds and greens across the wall.

While our BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0 review discovered that the app is a little finicky, what we like about this set is the range of controls available on the device. The controls will let you cycle through all the effects that you need, adjust the brightness for a party or for sleep, and to set a rotation if you want to experience that.

Before reading the other options below, we also have products to consider watching the sky for real. Our best binoculars and best telescopes will get you all set up for night sky viewing. But if you prefer the virtual universe or you’re all clouded out, check out the other star projector options below.

Our best star projectors include the Encalife Ambience Galaxy & Star Projector, and the next two Prime Day deals include variations on this top-rated product. One is a direct competitor to that brand, while the other is an offer from the same brand. Let’s dive into the details.

The Galaxy Projector Star Projector is about 50% off, on sale for $22.39 at Amazon (opens in new tab). It has very similar functionality as the Encalife we so enjoy. The top-rated projector at Amazon can make beautiful patterns of nebulas or stars, with a lot of flexibility as to color, brightness and the light flow speed. Using an app, you can produce up to 16 million different lighting effects.

If you’d like some sound with the colorful light show, the app will also pair the star project to allow you to listen to some tunes. Whether you prefer old-school disco,  more modern hip-hop and rap, or a soothing lullaby for a fussy sleeper, you can adapt your playlist and light show for all ages and styles.

If you prefer to stick to the same supplier as the Encalife, instead use the JoyCabin Star Projector, on sale at Amazon for $19.19 (opens in new tab). A timer, remote control and an incredible wave color changing projection all will make an immersive experience for sleeping or for partying. Note the box will likely be unbranded, so it’s best to consider this a treat for yourself rather than a fancy gift.

Speaking of alternate universes, you should also consider our best VR headsets to get an immersive view of the universe or more properly, the metaverse. Wherever your travels take you, you’re sure to find a great alternate reality full of stars.

Be sure to check out’s Prime Day Space Deals, or our guide to the best star projectors.


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